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Greater st. louis 

mothers of twins club

Greater St Louis Mothers of Twins Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization , P O  Box 31382, St. Louis, MO 63131-0382

Ask your Questions about the Club

  • 31 Aug 2018 8:28 AM
    Message # 6647888

    Because our website platform doesn't allow non-members to create posts in the forum, we have set up this thread. Our platform does allow non-members to reply with comments to existing posts. So this is the place to ask your questions about the club.


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  • 7 Sep 2018 9:37 PM
    Reply # 6659670 on 6647888
    JoyLynn Waganer (Administrator)

    Is there a calendar that the public can see? or the same calendar but a designation of what is public and what is member only?

  • 7 Sep 2018 11:25 PM
    Reply # 6659764 on 6647888
    Gail Luther (Administrator)

    The public can't see the member only events but yes, under events they can see the events that are available for the public. I don't think I have it in calendar form anywhere though. There's only a couple of items a year.

    Though we can add more, like an event for scholarship application. That way the deadline would be obvious. Sales, Trivia, Craft & Career (maybe) and Scholarship are the only public "events" I can think of.

    Last modified: 7 Sep 2018 11:28 PM | Gail Luther (Administrator)
  • 8 Sep 2018 10:31 PM
    Reply # 6660651 on 6647888
    Web Master

    If you go to Events, there is a toggle in the right hand corner that will switch a calendar view. The public will only see events classified as public.

  • 26 Jul 2019 6:53 PM
    Reply # 7798911 on 6647888
    Heather Parker

    Hi there!

    I am a new mother of twin daughters and I was curious if your organization had a breastfeeding support groups?


  • 26 Jul 2019 7:35 PM
    Reply # 7798952 on 6647888
    Gail Luther (Administrator)

    We don’t have a specific group dedicated to breastfeeding but you can ask any question in our member forums or members group on Facebook. We also have a group for new moms that meets at st Luke’s once a month and it’s open to nonmembers. Lots of our moms breastfeed so I’m sure you find it helpful. I’m going to try and include a picture of the event. 

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