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Greater st. louis 

mothers of twins club

Greater St Louis Mothers of Twins Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization , P O  Box 31382, St. Louis, MO 63131-0382

Board job descriptions

Interested in joining the board of directors? There is something for everyone here. Click here to sign up and let us know how you would like to participate!

President - Shall preside at all meetings of the Organization and is responsible for seeing the actions of  the Board and membership are carried into effect. The president needs to have served on the Board within the preceding three years.

Vice President - Find and book restaurants for regular monthly meetings, publicize and accept reservations from members. Collect payment from members and pay the restaurant. Fill in for the president when she is unavailable.

Recording Secretary - Keep accurate minutes and records of all regular and Board meetings, type them up and bring copies to meeting.

Treasurer - Handle all the financial responsibilities of MOTC.

State/National Representative - Serve as liaison between STLMOTC and MO (Missouri) MOTC. Attend all appropriate state board meetings as the official representative of the club.

Club Relations - Maintain and supply current brochures for hospitals, schools, media and organization members, as needed. Assist with any public relations needs (flyers, pamphlets, etc.) for the club.

Community Service - Assist families of multiples in the community with immediate needs, through item donations from members or purchases made by committee members. Assist family support as needed with the Christmas family program.

Donations - Coordinate donations from outside organizations and businesses to be used for monthly Community Service raffle, silent auctions to benefit Scholarship and Convention, and for use by an other committee that submits a request form.

Editor / Publisher - Gather articles for, edit, and post the Twinformation newsletter monthly; copy and distribute newsletter when necessary.

Exchange Committee -  Initiate, coordinate and conduct MOTC sponsored consignment sales. These typically happen in the spring and the fall. 

Family Events - Plan, schedule and advertise regular events for MOTC families to enjoy together. Examples of events are: twice monthly gymnastics play dates, Spring picnic, day at the Cardinals game, Back to School pool party, fall hayride, movie dates, park play dates, kid yoga and more. New events are always welcome.

Family Support - Assist member families only with immediate hardships/needs, through item donations from members or a onetime financial gift. Recruit member families only that need extra support during the Christmas season by providing gifts through donations and/or purchasing and delivering.

Fundraising - Coordinate and conduct fund raising activities for the benefit of the club. Examples are t-shirt sales and the Scrip gift card program. Hold a 50/50 raffle at the monthly meeting to raise money. 

Membership -  Provide information about MOTC to potential members, and guide them through the process of joining. Be a friendly face for new members during meetings or club events. Order name tags for all new members. Plan and implement a yearly new member social. 

Nominations -  Coordinate the nomination of and voting for the officers of MOTC and the Member of the Year; coordinate committee volunteers. 

Parliamentarian - Manage matters relating to the bylaws; act as Parliamentarian at all regular, special, Executive Committee, and Board of Director meetings to advise on questions of parliamentary law and matters of procedure. 

Program -  Schedule speakers and/or programs for the Organization's monthly regular meetings. Publicize the monthly programs in the monthly newsletter, on the website and other social media. Coordinate activities needed to host such special programs such as the Craft and Career Night. 

Breakfast with Santa -  Coordinate a holiday event for members and their immediate families. 

Scholarship -  Fund raise for the scholarship fund. Administer the scholarship application process for the Mary Joan Wolf Memorial Scholarship, as outlined in the timeline in the notebook. Update the scholarship application process annually and ensure it's made available to high schools in the metropolitan area. Award and announce the scholarship winners at a regular meeting. Coordinate the payment of the scholarship as needed with the Treasurer. Review with the Treasurer the ongoing status of the balance in the Scholarship money market account. 

S.O.S. (Sisters of Support) - Match expectant and new moms of multiples with experienced moms of multiples to offer emotional support/advice during pregnancy and from birth to six months. The SOS chair(s) will also conduct ‘Stork Club’, a support group for pregnant women, and moms of babies up to the age of one.  

Webmaster - Redesign/Update of Organization's website and other social media as appropriate. Liaison between web host server and local club. Manage the Organization's email accounts. Ensure that all domain name renewals are paid and required annual updates are processed timely to ensure no interruption in service. Administer the annual membership renewal process; providing reminders to membership as deemed appropriate. Coordinate with the Treasurer the receipt and reconciliation of the annual renewal fees. Answer all electronic communications regarding site “mechanics” (i.e., broken links, etc.). Post items to website and other social media at the request of the Board of Directors/Executive Committee Chairpersons. Monitor website Message Board and other social media for appropriate content. 

Supporting Families of Multiples in the Greater St. Louis area

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